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Posted: July 7, 2016 in Raiders News

It’s been a very long time since I been on here or any social media. Update on my life is simple. I been working behind the scenes with 2 guys that are insiders in the NFL business and continue to do that. Looking back I have not been doing this in 4 years or close to that! Some guys have branched out in what we do but for me personally although I don’t report or even cover a team anymore I’m pretty comfortable. I did notice there were a bunch of “Raider News Flash” fake twitter accounts made, some were even created when I was on twitter which does suck since you need to constantly tell people “It’s not me” but good news is I actually got RaiderNewsFlash back. I won’t be tweeting but when I shut it down for the move someone else grabbed it and I ended up taking it back but never tweeted.


I now live in LA and I’m pretty much the west coast guy for the people I work for.  I just want to end this by thanking all Raiders fans that then followed me on various social media platforms and read my stuff. Looking back at it now actually pains me since the writing was so bad!  So that’s it, I just wanted to give you an update on my life and I hope all of you are doing well. I still monitor The Raiders obviously and I think perhaps the team might actually be legit contenders in 2016!

So that’s it from me.  Thanks everyone

“Raiders News Flash”





Raiders have just signed Tracy Porter today and they also pulled the trigger on Matt Flynn. Raiders just got better on both sides of the ball and sources tell me this is not going to end here. Reggie McKenzie is actively putting together more names as I type this. My source tells me Mark Davis is the reason is pushing McKenzie to get better now. Davis wants to win, Davis wants to sell tickets so he told Reggie to start making some moves. It’s no secret Mark Davis was not happy about last year and Mark Davis does not want to hear the word Re building. Davis thinks you can re build and still be competitive and he is right. Word is Mark Davis had a talk with McKenzie just last week about acquiring more players. I’m being told now that Matt Flynn may of seemed like a Reggie McKenzie move because of the GB ties but it was all Mark Davis. McKenzie was set on Pryor and maybe another veteran guy competing for the job if Palmer could not work out. McKenzie was even high on Geno Smith coming in but sources tell me Mark Davis told Reggie he wanted Flynn and he got him

Matt Flynn is now official a Oakland Raider and like I already reported Raiders are giving a 2014 pick, which now ofcourse that got out national even know I told everyone yesterday. Seattle will receive a 2014 and a conditional 2015 pick. Great deal for the Raiders.
Now that the deal is done Raiders will do something with Carson Palmer. I’m being told that they are working out a deal with the Arizona Cardinals now it will be done today at some point. It seems that Raiders are actually going to get a 4th round pick for Palmer. There have been reports that Palmer wanted to go to Tampa Bay. I found no truth in that rumor at all. I’m actually hearing Palmer wanted to go to Arizona from the start and he does want to play. The report I’m hearing is Palmer actually wanted to go to the KC Chiefs but once KC got Alex Smith that put a dent in his plans. Palmer could actually land anywhere really but I feel that the deal will be done to send Palmer to Arizona.

Yahoo just posted my story.
Carson to Arizona deal is getting finalized now. Will be announced as soon as everything is done. I would say in a hour or so

Reggie McKenzie has hind mind made up, He no longer wants Palmer on the Raiders and the feeling is mutual. Carson Palmer will not take any less money to stay with the Raiders and he would actually be a back up instead of taking another snap wearing that Raiders helmet. Raiders fans are on the edge of their seats right now waiting for the news that Matt Flynn is now a Raider and Palmer is a goner. Well you might want to get cozy because this one might take awhile depending on what McKenzie thinks he can do. With Kevin Kolb just signing with the Bills I think Reggie has time, I don’t see another team outside of maybe The Jag or Cardnials trying to acquire Matt Flynn but even those teams seem like a long shot. Instead of just cutting Palmer I ‘m hearing Reggie is “weighing every option” At this point Reggie is just tiring to get any value out of the recently retired than quitter QB. I’m being told Reggie McKenzie has been on the phone with the Arizona Cardinals for over 24hrs now trying to work out something. Right now Arizona is only willing to give up a late-round, conditional picks and Reggie wants more of a 4th round pick. That’s a hard bargain especially if the Cards don’t know if Palmer will re do a deal to play for them since he won’t do it for Oakland. You can’t blame Reggie for trying though. The sad part in all this is Dennis Allen. Allen wants to keep Palmer, he has informed McKenzie he really wanted to keep Palmer around this year and the guy only has nice things to say about him in the media through out the whole off season, he has been defending Palmer in every interview he has done. I just don’t want to rule out Palmer as a Raider just yet, crazier things have happened. Even know by all accounts and reports Palmer is done n Oakland. What if Dennis Allen makes a call, a plea to Palmer just to take 3 mill less one more time. What if Allen can sell Palmer the Raiders will be better with a healthy Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore? Maybe Palmer looks at the reality of the situation and considers he may actually want to play football and not just hold a clip board. Hey look, I doubt that’s going to happen and from what I’m hearing Matt Flynn mine as well be wearing a Raiders jersey now cause it’s going to happen all I’m saying this is the Raiders and this is Carson Palmer and crazy things happen with those two

Matt Flynn Raiders SAGA

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This is pretty much a lock the whole hold up right now is Flynns contract, He wants that seahawks money and the Raiders won’t pay it. Raiders will reach out and ask Palmer one more time to restructure his contract, Reggie is actually making an effort to keep Palmer, It’s Palmer that is hurting himself. Palmer will not take less and is happy to be a back up else where. Palmer camp has told me he thinks he could be a starter in Arizona. So the way things are looking Flynn is the Raiders next QB UNLESS the money issue is to big of a deal, Raiders made it clear they will NOT pay him  $5.25 million in 2013 and $6.25 million in 2014. This looks like the holdup. So if Flynn does re do his deal then it’s certain. If not Raiders did reach out to Kevin Kolb as a back up plan but my source tells me it’s 99.9% Matt Flynn will be the new Raiders QB and Palmers a goner..


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Hello friends, I just on want to state that I’m not on Twitter. My account was not active and somehow somebody got into it and either activated it or created a new one with RaiderNewsFlash name.
I’m in fact still going to post some Raiders stuff here but doing Raiders news exclusively is not part of my plans until further notice. I now work behind the scenes working with a top NFL reporter breaking news ect ect. Believe it or not some of the top names in the business have a whole team working with them to break news to the world. I’m part of that team. I do still break Raiders news daily but it’s just not coming out of my mouth it’s coming out of a guys name you all trust and believe..

I can say that since I arrived there has been more Raiders coverage and I can say for all Raiders news and NFL news that you can trust you should all check out Profootballtalk.com They seem to be the best.

You will hear more from me in the future.
The plan remains the same, The goals remain the same.
I will be the best in the world….

By the way Terrance Newman “last resort” is to come to Oakland. He does not want to be a Raider at all. he want’s to play for a team “that is good and can make the playoffs” Those are his words, so if IF he lands here remember no matter what he says he is not happy about it

Let’s play make believe, What would the Raiders look like if Al Davis never passed away and was still making decisions right now in the mist of the Free Agency period.

Who are players that Al would of made Raiders and what players would no longer be here:

Players Al Davis would of targeted:

                                          Anquan Boldin


We all knew Al Davis loved speedy wide receivers but he also liked big names and big stars.  You would have to think Bolden would be a top priority for Al Davis.

                                                                     Paul Kruger


Kruger is a Raider, Kruger plays the way Al Davis loved. Tough, mean and physical. I have no doubts if Al Davis was alive Kruger would be a very wealthy man right now.

                                                                     Wes Welker


Wes Welker would be a lock to be a Raider if Al Davis was still running the show, Welker has speed which Al loves and Al does love former patriots, Welker would of been paid more than the Patriots are willing to spend for him that’s for sure.

 Raiders did release DHB yesterday, That’s a move I don’t think Al Davis would of made. We all know Al does not like to admit his mistakes and I believe Al really did think DHB would become a Raider legend with time. I feel that Al somehow some way would of kept DHB around
There is also word now that Shane Lechler will no longer be a Oakland Raider, well it’s a pretty safe bet that Lechler would retire a Raider if Davis was still at the helm. Al Davis loved Shane Lechler he would not give him up for anything. Raiders are coming into this draft with a first round pick un like last year. The big question is would Raiders have that pick if Al was alive or would Al of tried to get a deal done somehow to get a guy like Joe Flacco?  Think about this for a moment. If the Ravens had gambled and given Flacco the nonexclusive tag, it would have paid him $14.896 million for one year but would have allowed another team to try to structure a contract that the Ravens could not match. If AL was alive I have a feeling Flacco’s agent some how would get word that Al Davis would be willing to spend and maybe JUST maybe Joe Flacco would of been in a Raiders uniform for the 2013 season.
I miss having Al Davis around for all the reason I stated above. The off season was so much fun just because you never knew who Al Davis was going to try to land. Say what you will about Mr. Davis but all he ever wanted to do is win.  Now we have Reggie McKenzie who does not want to win. He would rather “re build” Al Davis said it back in 1999 “There is no re building in the NFL”  “re Building means losing and the word re building is just an excuse for when a team had a bad season” Well McKenzie thank you for re building I’m sure season ticket holders are going to be thrilled that you want to re build a team that was 1 play away from winning the west 2 years ago