Is Reggie Mckenzie throwing in the towell?

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Raiders News

Here we are on the day before week 5 and the Raiders have only won one game. A game they could of easily lost and most people say they got lucky in that game against the Steelers but a win is a win and unfortunately it’s the Raiders only win so Raider fans will take it. The scary part is could that be their only win? Raiders are no doubt the worst team in the NFL, Is it their new zone blocking scheme or could it be their lack of ability to get pressure on the quarterback or the fact that they can’t stop the QB from throwing the ball to wide open wide receivers. Let’s be honest at this point any NFL 3rd stringer QB could light up the Raiders defense. Nothing is working in Oakland, Darren Mcfadden is not getting loose, Raiders can’t pick up first downs in fact they are awful on third down and their defense is the worst defense in the NFL. Last week Peyton Manning could of had a picnic in the pocket and still wouldn’t of had a Raider line men breathe on him. So Raider Nation what is the problem and how can the problem be fixed?  The only positive in this whole mess is that it is only week 5 and Raiders are only 1-3.  The one guy that could change Raiders  faith is Reggie Mckenzie by bringing some players in to fix the glaring holes they have on defense like the Raiders secondary and Wide Receivers but Mckenzie has done nothing…ZERO to fix the problem. There are guys sitting on their couch right now that Reggie Mckenzie could call up and immediately make the Raiders better but he simply refuses to do it. Raiders have the money to make a few moves so what is keeping him from making the Raiders better and winning this year? Well I think it comes down to the “this year” thing. I don’t think Reggie Mckenzie cares much about this year. I believe he feels like this is still Hue Jacksons team since he did not get all his draft picks.  It brings up another important question, Why would you come in and “rebuild” when the team you took over was 1 play away last year from winning the AFC West? Reggie Mckenzie does not seem bothered by the way the Raiders are playing almost like this year does not even matter to him. If that’s the case maybe he should refund all the money people are paying to watch the Raiders.  What has Reggie Mckenzie actually done to rebuild the Raiders anyway? Let’s take a look and you be the judge to see if Mckenzie really cares or cared about competing this year…

Cut OLB Kamerion Wimbley, March 16.  Cut DT John Henderson, March 14.   Cut TE Kevin Boss, March 13.   Cut CB Stanford Routt, Feb. 10.  The Raiders also let RB Michael Bush got to the Bears.    Traded WR Louis Murphy to Panthers, July 23 (Raiders get undisclosed conditional draft pick)  let  RB Rock Cartwright, March 16 walk to 49ers.  UFA C Samson Satele, March 21 (to Colts); UFA DE Trevor Scott, March 17 (to Patriots); UFA WR Chaz Schilens, March 16 (to Jets)

So the Raiders let their best pass rusher go and replaced him with….Nobody Raiders also released their best CB but it’s ok because they replaced him with….Nobody well they did go get Pat lee and we all see how that worked out

What did Reggie Mckezie do? Well he went out and just signed a bunch of guys that were not good enough for any other team for 1 year deals just to get 53 players. He went out and just signed a bunch of guys to 1 year deals, no long term deals for new players.. Which makes me think if you are re building wouldn’t you go out in free agency and get a player or two and lock them up for a few years of you wanted to win? Mckenzie did none of that simply because in my opinion he does not care about winning a single game this year. He is waiting for the 2013 draft where then he can rebuild his Raiders. So is Dennis Allen the Raiders HC in on this or is he just like the rest of the 1 year players just a fill in? Time will tell but for now we will be watching our beloved Raiders be the laughing stock of the NFL and the worst part…..The guy in charge will be loving every minute of it since that just means a better draft pick for him.


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