Free Agents that COULD make Raiders better

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Raiders News

We all know that the Raiders have been awful, The players on their roster simply are not NFL caliber players so what could the Raiders  to make themselves better and actually stand a fighting chance? Well the answer is very simple but it’s up to Reggie Mckenzie to do it. Raiders need to pick up some players that are still available in free agency some of these players may not be elite there is a reason why they are not on a NFL team. Some may have off the filed issues or divas or a variety of things but they can make the Raiders a better team and would give the Raiders a fighting chance. Lets take a look at what players are available and YOU the Raider fan be the judge do you think The Raiders should take a look at these players?


1) Mike Sims Walker

Here is a WR who is 6’2 197 pounds who could make a big difference for Carson Palmer in the red zone, Walker has had a ton of injuries but from what I told he is healthy now just looking for a opportunity




2) Bryant Mcfadden

This is the guy I feel Raiders need to take a look at, It boggles my mind that he is not already in a Silver and Black uniform. McFadden has won 2 superbowls with the Steelers, he was a big part of them. With the Raiders struggling so bad in the secondary why not at least bring him in to look at him. There is no way he can be worst than what the have now..It does not get any worst than Pat Lee


3) Andre Goodman

Now I’m not sitting here saying Andre Goodman is going to solve the Raiders secondary problems but I do think it’s definitely a step up from what they have now. Goodman can either have a very great game or a very bad game. Once again it’s a better than Pat Lee and these guys like this don’t cost anything. I just say take a look at him that does mean you are forced to sign him but I believe he is worth a look not to mention he worked under Dennis Allen last year




4) Tim Hightower

Mike Goodson has not exactly shined on the Raiders and Jones runs backwards(literally) why not take a look at a guy who has had success in the NFL and take some of the load off of Darren McFadden. Hightower would be a perfect fit for the Raiders. Again by taking a look at him does not mean you have to sign the guy but wouldn’t you want players on your team who would make you better? Hightower makes the Raiders better



5) Plaxico Burress

I think this is the guy most Raider fans want and rightly so.  Plaxico Burress in my opinion is still one of the top 10 WRs in the NFL. He does come along with a ton of baggage but it seems like he put the past behind him and just wants to prove himself. Nothing is better than getting a guy on your team with something to prove. Raiders could sign him just for this year and see what happens after that. If Raiders signed Burress today it makes the Raiders a contender in the AFC West. This is a guy that the Raiders are missing. He is a big target who can catch the ball. Raiders have been struggling on 3rd downs, Plaxico Burress can pick up 3rd downs.


Notable Mentions:
Jermey Shockey:   Veteran TE that could help the Raiders in the short term with the 3rd down problems and in the red zone. Brandon Myers has been playing ok this year but in reality Myers gets thrown to 3 or 4 times a game

Mark Clayton: WR Clayton is relatively young at age 30. He was having a stellar start to the 2010 season with 306 yards and two touchdowns before suffering a season-ending injury in Week 5. He has a career total of 260 yards for 3,448 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also has very good hands and would be a great fit with Plaxico

Bo Scaife: Yeah we maybe reaching a bit here but Bo Scaife is more of a blocker than he is pass catcher, but he does catch what is thrown his way. I don’t know if Bo will ever get a chance in the NFL this year but he could help with the Raiders O Line and catch some balls


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