Raiders BIG Time Underdogs against Falcons

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Raiders News

It’s a tale of two teams, 1 being the best in the NFL The Atlanta Falcons and 1 being the laughing stock of the NFL The Oakland Raiders. So it was not a big shock to wake up and see the Vegas odds on next Sundays game The Raiders are a 10 point dog.  It’s the biggest spread of the week and some even might say it’s free money to bet on the Falcons. After all the Raiders have been awful this year so far on defense, they without a doubt have the worst secondary in the NFL and now they have to face the hottest QB in the NFL Matt Ryan. Last week Peynton Manning made the Raiders defense look like a Pop Warner team and this is a guy who is coming off neck surgery.  It’s not like it’s impossible to stop Peyton Manning we just seen the Patriots do it on Sunday but that’s the Patriots a playoff team and this is the Raiders a team that can’t seem to pick up a first down.  To make matters worst for the Silver and Black the game on Sunday is in Atlanta and will be played to a sell out crowed.

Stay Tuned Thursday for the Weekly preview and Prediction.


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