Dennis Allen kills Raiders season

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Raiders News

Carson Palmer throws a INT late in the game and most Raider fans collectively thought GAME OVER but Palmer who was having a good game before the pick drives the Raiders back down the field to score a TD  making the game 20-20.  The Raiders could of pushed the game into over time by what they been doing all game what they couldn’t do all season putting pressure on on the  QB.  Dennis Allen had other plans. Dennis Allen decides to run a prevent Defense allowing Matt Ryan to pick apart the Raiders defense and drive down the field for the dagger and game winning field goal. Raiders put pressure on Matt Ryan and caused 3 turnovers early in the game so what happens if Raiders continue what worked all game? Do Raiders get another pick and Sea Bass hits the game winner? Maybe Raiders get a pick 6? We will never know since Dennis Allen refused to do what it takes to win the game. Who knows maybe Reggie Mckenzie was getting worried about not getting his first round draft pick so sent Allen a message.. I’m sure that was not the case but why would Dennis Allen do this to Raider fans? Dennis Allen put’s the Raiders in a very bad spot. Raiders can now only lose 2 more games this season to stand any kind of chance of the playoffs. Can you imaging the head lines if Dennis Allen decided to do what worked all day? “RAIDERS UPSET THE FALCONS!” instead we get “SAME OLD RAIDERS” So if Falcons fans want to send a thank you card send it to head coach Oakland Raiders Dennis Allen.


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