Report: Palmer took over play calling in the 4th Quarter

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Raiders News

The Raiders were going 3 and out over and over again for almost 3 quarters then suddenly in the 4th Palmer started to move the ball mostly by no huddle. RNF had various witnesses on the ground that are saying Knapp was visible upset that Palmer was NOT calling the plays that was in his head set in fact Knapp at one point began to get in Dennis Allen’s ear. So much that Dennis Allen had to use on those costly Time Outs. It was a strange time out when the Raiders were in the red zone Palmer still had 3 seconds on the clock and he was going to get the play off but Dennis Allen called a Time Out. Palmer went to the sideline confused, Dennis Allen thought he was having communication problem in Palmer’s helmet head set but it was not the case. Carson Palmer basically was ignoring Gregg Knapp’s calls and running the offense himself which ended up being a good thing. I am being told that the Raiders scored on every possession that Palmer did this and when Knapp made Palmer listen to his plays in the Red Zone Raiders had to settle for a field goal. Not to mention the 3 quarters when Raiders were not moving the ball at all. Gregg Knapp was seen on the sideline very upset..

Thank You Carson Palmer for saving the Raiders season

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Raiders should have never got rid of Hue Jackson. They’d be a more competitive team than the dump truck of a team we are now.

  3. Raider Sparky says:

    I don’t know about all of this. I do know that I wouldn’t bring back an OC that was a failure before. What did Dennis Allen think was going to change? All I know is what I see. 1. An elite running back who can’t get going. Some of the fastest vertical threats who aren’t getting as many big plays as they have the potential for. An elite passer who will most likely get all of the blame in the end. Is it Knapp? Probably, but in the interest of being a supportive fan, I’ll give the coaches the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer, but I really better see some positive results and soon! And we had BETTER NOT lose to KC!

  4. Marcos Amezcua says:

    Knapp is a joke and SUCKS at being an OC. Allen was stupid for hiring him and hopefully he fires his ass. Get rid of KNAPP and have Saunders run the offense. Saunders and Jackson put together the offensive game plan for every game and let Palmer make the changes on the fly.

  5. kevin says:

    This is not the first time I’ve heard of Palmer taking control of the game and ignoring Knapp. In our only other win against the steelers, Palmer went no huddle a few downs. Knapp needs to go. He is making a good QB and company look like garbage.

  6. tonyfromnb says:

    No small wonder that Reece saw action in the 2nd half. CP has been to a few rodeo’s, he should have carte-blanche on play calling. Our o-line is built for power not push. Time for Knapp to quietly go up to the booth. Allen & Palmer don’t need a interpreter.

  7. Brian T.Orlich says:

    McFadden is being over used by knapp’s scheme use Goodson every other play and don’t just use him for short passes.What’s really annoying is that when we get into the red zone we fail to score.They should utilize the no huddle to put more points on the board.If one pass to Meyers didn’t work the 1st time don’t try the same play over again.Knapp is part of the problem and things need to “change”.Regardgless of whose doing what I’m sick of seeing just one guy being used during all 3 downs it’s amazing to me that it took till the 4th quarter for things to start clicking.You use simplicity to win football games not stupidity which in my opinion is why we’ve scored the way we do.All I can say is change wouldn’t be too far fetched as far as a new offensive coordinator goes for the Raiders.

  8. Danny Walker says:

    Knapp is a big problem I do not know why people keep defending his lousy play calling!!!!!!!!!

  9. Raider Speed says:

    Remember, Cable had to take over play calling in order to save his job. What is telling of the move is that Cable is a zone blocking proponent. Why does the new regime think that horizontal football is the right path? Take a good look at the NFL champion NY Giants, looks like power football to me, why aren’t more teams going that direction? Bears D looks good to me, oh ya there “old fashion”. When everybody light and fast, get big and fast and go forward!!!!!

  10. Marcus says:

    I cant believe that we looked so bad against the bleedin Jaguars …. it looked like we trying to run against the 1970 Steel Curtain. I dont know exactly what Knapp has done compared to last season, but its an incredible difference … and not in a good way.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The final timeout was called because Dennis Allen wanted to discuss a play to go for it on fourth and 10 (when DHB drew the PI). They called another timeout because they were going to get a delay of game, if you watch the tape closely, and the other timeout was called on defense. During the no-huddle, Knapp talks to Palmer on the radio, giving him several options, and Carson chooses the best based on what he sees. It’s a team-effort. You better check your sources, because they were wrong.

  12. Question…how would you KNOW that Palmer was ignoring Knapp? Were you there? Did you witness this yourself? Did you confirm this “I head from someone” source with two other corroborating sources? Or are you simply assuming and making judgments based on what limited information you get from the television?

  13. John C Bell says:

    Knapp is a failure as OC. He never been a successful OC anywhere, anytime. Nothing has changed that fact. He’s part of the problem & NOT part of the solution. Throw in Frank Pollard & Steve Hoffman and you now have the three main reasons this team is so bad this year.

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