Raiders get embarassed at home

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Raiders News

In a game when the Raiders had the lead at Half time they managed to be the laughing stock of the NFL once again. Rookie RB, yes let me say that again ROOKIE RB Doug Martin ran all over the Raiders for 265 yards. Raiders had no answer for the rookie. It got so bad at one point with 11 min in the game Raiders onside kicked the ball when they were only down by 10 points just because Dennis Allen knew that as soon as Doug Martin got the ball it was 6 points. It was looking like a complete blow out until the Raiders got a lucky break, a fumble by Tampa bays RB Blount gave the Raiders the ball and they Raiders found themselves only down 3 points. It could of been the greatest come back of the year for any NFL team but Carson Palmer had other plans. Instead of putting himself in the elite league of NFL clutch QB’s like Brady or Manning he put himself in the league of guys like Jeff George. Palmer threw a INT and the game was over. Not before Doug Martin rubbed some salt in the wounds of the Raider Nation first though as once again breezed by Tommy Kelly and the rest of the Raiders defense and put up another Touch down. It was a game that was maybe the season for the Raiders if not the season it was the end of the Raiders hopes of winning the AFC West since once again a elite Peynton Manning took his team to another win today and distanced themselves from the rest of the AFC WEST teams. Raiders have a very tough game next week as the travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens in a 1pm est show down with a team Raiders have not beat in a very long time in fact the Raiders only beat the Ravens once in all the times they have played each other..



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