Have we seen the last of Darren McFadden as a Raider?

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Raiders News

Just before the start of the regular season Darren McFadden told the media he was sick and tired of everyone saying he was injury prone and all his injuries were flukes…Well It’s week 10 and guess who is injured?

Darren McFadden has been excellent when he has been healthy besides this year as he has become one of the worst RBs in the NFL. You can blame it on Gregg Knapp like I do but will Reggie McKenzie? McFadden has been in a boot all week, shades of last year when he was in a boot  and the year before. Last year every game after he got hurt  Raiders would say “Darren’s getting closer to playing”  well he never did end up playing. Will this happen again? If so will Reggie McKenzie decide that DMC is not worth the hassle and move on,maybe get a draft pick out of it something that McKenzie loves. He even said as much in his introduction press conference “I love my picks” If you do trade McFadden who are you going to replace him with? McFadden showed he is capable pf being the best back in the NFL. Hue Jackson Raiders former head coach knew how to use DMC as he was explosive before his injury last year. This year though DMC is lucky to pick up 2 yards.  Time will tell what Reggie McKenzie does with McFadden but I say if DMC is still in that boot on week 16 then we have seen the last of #20 as a Raider. After all Darren McFadden is a product of Al Davis’s Raiders that’s something Reggie McKenzie wants out of.


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