The 2012 Raiders worst team of all time?

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Raiders News

Last week a rookie RB ran all over the Raiders for 265 yards. This week Raiders needed a win to stay in any kind of playoff race so how did they do? What if I told you that the Raiders got beat so bad that even a kicker scored a touch down off them? You would say I’m crazy and I should be sent to the closest mental ward right? Well guess what! A Kicker really did score a Touch down off the Raiders!  The Ravens traveled down to Baltimore to play a 1pm est game Sunday and if you are a Raiders fan then you know how that always goes for the Silver and Black but nobody would of ever thought it went as bad as it did. It was like playing Tecmo Bowl against a 3 year old and you are the 85 Bears with Walter Payton and the 3 year old chose the Seahawks. It was ugly. Yeah you have Steve Largent but what is Largent going to do against that 85 Bears defense. That’s how Sunday went for the Raiders against the Ravens. Joe Flacco Ravens QB was throwing it all over the field as the Ravens put up 55 points. Raiders looked like a VHS football greatest follies Sunday,Hell Carson Palmer could not even take a snap without giving the ball back to the Ravens for a free TD. Fumbles,No coverage,Penalty’s,bad coaching and bad players all came together Sunday and  showed that this “New Era” Oakland Raiders  could be the worst NFL team ever to take the field. Hey but don;t worry Raiders fans at least Reggie McKenzie is going to “get his picks” at the draft or maybe he will just ignore it like he did with every player out there in free agency that could of helped this team win.

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a raider fan this just hurts so bad to watch sure hope something happends down the road.

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