Disaster in Oakland

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Raiders News

There are no other words to describe what all transpired on Sunday for the Oakland Raiders. First they play a home game with a great crowed only to get embarrassed once again this time against the Saints then we get this awkward moment when Mark Davis owner of the Raiders talks to the media. Let’s start with the game shall we?

Well can you even call this game? It was more like the Saints just practicing at least that’s what it looked like. Drew Brees threw it all over the field against the worst defense maybe ever in pro football. Nothing went right for the Raiders Sunday.  Raiders got out played in all 3 phases of the game. This is the 2nd week straight Raiders get blown out but this time it was at home, you could make the case this was actually the 3rd time since The Tampa Bay Bucs put a whipping on the Raiders too. Sundays game was over at half time and just got worst and worst as the game went on.

There was a few Raider legends on hand to watch the massacre including John Madden and that Coach that slipped away that ever Raiders fan loves Jon Gruden. I guess Mark Davis did not like getting embarrassed in front of his pals because after the game he had a little chat with GM Reggie McKenzie and head Coach Dennis Allen. Now nobody really knows what was said in the coaches office but obviously Mark Davis was not happy. Davis was seen leaving that meeting very upset. After the meeting Mark Davis ran into some reporters which he then decided to speak. RNF broke the story that Mark Davis was going to be at the game watching it with Reggie McKenzie so I’m sure Davis knew that we reported it and it got back to him so he had no choice to address this disaster we love call The Raiders.

Here is what Mark Davis said:

Q: How do you beat Pittsburgh, play Atlanta tough and then have this happen?

A: “The word regression.”

Q: Is this are building season?

A: “Not as much. I don’t know what the word would be. I know that we didn’t have the talent, at the beginning of the year, to be a Super Bowl team. I thought that we had definitely potential to get maybe in the playoffs and beat our division. Obviously, that hasn’t happened.”

Q: What’s your mood like?

A: “I’m not happy. But nobody in this room is.”

Q: Do you still feel as if your team can turn it around this season?

A: “Take it game by game, but I don’t know. I know they’re going to fight.”

Q: What do you say to the players?

A: “I didn’t say anything to ’em. Let the coaches talk to ’em. I talked to Reggie (McKenzie, general manager).”

Q: What were the goals heading into the season?

A: “Finding a direction for the franchise, moving forward and seeing progress week to week would have been a happier time right now. But that’s still possible.”

Q: What kind of a challenge did you face with a first-time owner, rookie head coach, rookie general manager, salary cap issues, lack of draft picks, etc.?

A: “It’s absolutely a challenge.”

Q: Has the challenge been more daunting than you expected?

A: “No, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that. Again, it’s just the results of the game. You win or lose. We haven’t been winning, and it hasn’t been close thelast three weeks.”

Q: Did you see depth as being an issue going into the season? Salary cap issues hamstring your team?

A: “As I said, coming in I didn’t know that we had a Super Bowl team and everything, but you can’t blame it on the salary cap and all that. You have players and you coach ’em and you play. You got to be Raiders.”

Q: Is it time to give other quarterbacks a shot other than Carson Palmer?

A: “That’s up to the coaches. That’s not my decision. I have opinions but I’m not going to speak’em.”

Q: Why not?

A: “Because that’s not my place. I have plenty of confidence in Carson Palmer.”

Q: The players say that they aren’t giving up on the season? Your thoughts?

A: “Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m just saying right now I’m a little disappointed with the regression. But, like I say, they’ll fight.”

Q: How frustrated are you?

A: “I couldn’t put it on a 1 to 10 (scale). I’m not happy, I’ll put it that way. But why should I be? Why should we be? Why should anyone in this room be? But they’ll fight and fix it.”

Q: Do you talk to coach Dennis Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie much during the week?

A: “I talk to Reggie quite a bit, yeah.”

Q: About business?

A: “Everything.”

Q: Do Reggie and Dennis get a pass this year?

A: “Like I say, I’m patient. I’m patient. But I want to see progress. I don’t want to see regression. Nobody does. And that’s why I’m unhappy today. But as far as a pass, I wouldn’t call it a pass. They’ve got contracts; they’re going to be here.”

Q: Did you say you just had surgery?

A: “Yeah, I had back surgery.”

Q: What did they do for your back?

A: “It’s been a two-year process. I had a sciatic nerve problem, a pain in my ass. And I had surgery five months ago, and it didn’t fix it. And, then, so they took pictures again, they found a big cyst-tumor right on the sciatic nerve.”

Q: Why didn’t they find it the first time?

A: “So I’m feeling a lot better.”

Q: So it’s all healed?

A: “Well, not totally. January 1 I can start working out. The triplets go away then. I deliver. But again, it’s a sad day today. The last three weeks have been sad, but we’re going to fight. That’s what it is. And we’ll see what happens.”

Q: Are you involved in choosing people to light the torch?

A: “Yes, I am.”

Q: Couple people who your dad had issues with, eh?

A: “Maybe some people thought they were unresolved feelings, but (they are) very close to my mom and myself. And part of the Raider family. And once a Raider, always a Raider. I’ve had trouble with my dad at times. Once or twice. But it’s fantastic. These people are all part of our family, and love ’em. It’s a good thing.”

Q: Who’s next?

A: “Who you think should be? I’m definitely open to suggestions.”

Q: Encouraged by fact that fans are still here?

A: “Love it. Absolutely love it, but I apologize to them as well. I’m embarrassed for ’em. Because they live and die as Raiders fans, and I feel for ’em, I really do. And we’re going to get it right. If it’s for anybody, it’s for them.”

Q: You heard the boos?

A: “I didn’t hear the boos, no. But I can just feel how they feel, because I feel the same way. I’m a fan. And I take responsibility for it, going to get it right.”


Now what can you take from all this, first the whole they have a contract thing. That means nothing anybody can get fired. My take is that Mark Davis is quite frankly pissed. I think If the Raiders lose out then Dennis Allen will be fired. I have a bad feeling Reggie McKenzie will stay at least another year and if he fails again he will be out. I think there is a ton depending on the Bengals game. Why? HUE JACKSON. If Hue Jackson blows out the Raiders like what had happened recently that would be like rubbing salt in the wounds for Mark Davis. Remember Mark Davis let Hue Jackson take control of the Raiders. It was Reggie McKenzie that fired Hue Jackson not Mark Davis. Davis loved Hue Jackson. Listen I’m not a mind reader so I don;t know what Mark Davis is really thinking but I do know that and I believe McKenzie knows that the Bengals game mine as well be a Superbowl because it is the game that determines Dennis Allens fate as maybe Reggie McKenzies


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