What would the Raiders look like with Al Davis in “13”

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Raiders News

Let’s play make believe, What would the Raiders look like if Al Davis never passed away and was still making decisions right now in the mist of the Free Agency period.

Who are players that Al would of made Raiders and what players would no longer be here:

Players Al Davis would of targeted:

                                          Anquan Boldin


We all knew Al Davis loved speedy wide receivers but he also liked big names and big stars.  You would have to think Bolden would be a top priority for Al Davis.

                                                                     Paul Kruger


Kruger is a Raider, Kruger plays the way Al Davis loved. Tough, mean and physical. I have no doubts if Al Davis was alive Kruger would be a very wealthy man right now.

                                                                     Wes Welker


Wes Welker would be a lock to be a Raider if Al Davis was still running the show, Welker has speed which Al loves and Al does love former patriots, Welker would of been paid more than the Patriots are willing to spend for him that’s for sure.

 Raiders did release DHB yesterday, That’s a move I don’t think Al Davis would of made. We all know Al does not like to admit his mistakes and I believe Al really did think DHB would become a Raider legend with time. I feel that Al somehow some way would of kept DHB around
There is also word now that Shane Lechler will no longer be a Oakland Raider, well it’s a pretty safe bet that Lechler would retire a Raider if Davis was still at the helm. Al Davis loved Shane Lechler he would not give him up for anything. Raiders are coming into this draft with a first round pick un like last year. The big question is would Raiders have that pick if Al was alive or would Al of tried to get a deal done somehow to get a guy like Joe Flacco?  Think about this for a moment. If the Ravens had gambled and given Flacco the nonexclusive tag, it would have paid him $14.896 million for one year but would have allowed another team to try to structure a contract that the Ravens could not match. If AL was alive I have a feeling Flacco’s agent some how would get word that Al Davis would be willing to spend and maybe JUST maybe Joe Flacco would of been in a Raiders uniform for the 2013 season.
I miss having Al Davis around for all the reason I stated above. The off season was so much fun just because you never knew who Al Davis was going to try to land. Say what you will about Mr. Davis but all he ever wanted to do is win.  Now we have Reggie McKenzie who does not want to win. He would rather “re build” Al Davis said it back in 1999 “There is no re building in the NFL”  “re Building means losing and the word re building is just an excuse for when a team had a bad season” Well McKenzie thank you for re building I’m sure season ticket holders are going to be thrilled that you want to re build a team that was 1 play away from winning the west 2 years ago

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