Posted: March 23, 2013 in Raiders News

Hello friends, I just on want to state that I’m not on Twitter. My account was not active and somehow somebody got into it and either activated it or created a new one with RaiderNewsFlash name.
I’m in fact still going to post some Raiders stuff here but doing Raiders news exclusively is not part of my plans until further notice. I now work behind the scenes working with a top NFL reporter breaking news ect ect. Believe it or not some of the top names in the business have a whole team working with them to break news to the world. I’m part of that team. I do still break Raiders news daily but it’s just not coming out of my mouth it’s coming out of a guys name you all trust and believe..

I can say that since I arrived there has been more Raiders coverage and I can say for all Raiders news and NFL news that you can trust you should all check out Profootballtalk.com They seem to be the best.

You will hear more from me in the future.
The plan remains the same, The goals remain the same.
I will be the best in the world….

By the way Terrance Newman “last resort” is to come to Oakland. He does not want to be a Raider at all. he want’s to play for a team “that is good and can make the playoffs” Those are his words, so if IF he lands here remember no matter what he says he is not happy about it


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