Matt Flynn Raiders SAGA

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Raiders News


This is pretty much a lock the whole hold up right now is Flynns contract, He wants that seahawks money and the Raiders won’t pay it. Raiders will reach out and ask Palmer one more time to restructure his contract, Reggie is actually making an effort to keep Palmer, It’s Palmer that is hurting himself. Palmer will not take less and is happy to be a back up else where. Palmer camp has told me he thinks he could be a starter in Arizona. So the way things are looking Flynn is the Raiders next QB UNLESS the money issue is to big of a deal, Raiders made it clear they will NOT pay him  $5.25 million in 2013 and $6.25 million in 2014. This looks like the holdup. So if Flynn does re do his deal then it’s certain. If not Raiders did reach out to Kevin Kolb as a back up plan but my source tells me it’s 99.9% Matt Flynn will be the new Raiders QB and Palmers a goner..


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