Carson Palmer vs Raiders game begains

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Raiders News

Reggie McKenzie has hind mind made up, He no longer wants Palmer on the Raiders and the feeling is mutual. Carson Palmer will not take any less money to stay with the Raiders and he would actually be a back up instead of taking another snap wearing that Raiders helmet. Raiders fans are on the edge of their seats right now waiting for the news that Matt Flynn is now a Raider and Palmer is a goner. Well you might want to get cozy because this one might take awhile depending on what McKenzie thinks he can do. With Kevin Kolb just signing with the Bills I think Reggie has time, I don’t see another team outside of maybe The Jag or Cardnials trying to acquire Matt Flynn but even those teams seem like a long shot. Instead of just cutting Palmer I ‘m hearing Reggie is “weighing every option” At this point Reggie is just tiring to get any value out of the recently retired than quitter QB. I’m being told Reggie McKenzie has been on the phone with the Arizona Cardinals for over 24hrs now trying to work out something. Right now Arizona is only willing to give up a late-round, conditional picks and Reggie wants more of a 4th round pick. That’s a hard bargain especially if the Cards don’t know if Palmer will re do a deal to play for them since he won’t do it for Oakland. You can’t blame Reggie for trying though. The sad part in all this is Dennis Allen. Allen wants to keep Palmer, he has informed McKenzie he really wanted to keep Palmer around this year and the guy only has nice things to say about him in the media through out the whole off season, he has been defending Palmer in every interview he has done. I just don’t want to rule out Palmer as a Raider just yet, crazier things have happened. Even know by all accounts and reports Palmer is done n Oakland. What if Dennis Allen makes a call, a plea to Palmer just to take 3 mill less one more time. What if Allen can sell Palmer the Raiders will be better with a healthy Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore? Maybe Palmer looks at the reality of the situation and considers he may actually want to play football and not just hold a clip board. Hey look, I doubt that’s going to happen and from what I’m hearing Matt Flynn mine as well be wearing a Raiders jersey now cause it’s going to happen all I’m saying this is the Raiders and this is Carson Palmer and crazy things happen with those two


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