Its Offical Matt Flynn is Now a Raider

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Raiders News

Matt Flynn is now official a Oakland Raider and like I already reported Raiders are giving a 2014 pick, which now ofcourse that got out national even know I told everyone yesterday. Seattle will receive a 2014 and a conditional 2015 pick. Great deal for the Raiders.
Now that the deal is done Raiders will do something with Carson Palmer. I’m being told that they are working out a deal with the Arizona Cardinals now it will be done today at some point. It seems that Raiders are actually going to get a 4th round pick for Palmer. There have been reports that Palmer wanted to go to Tampa Bay. I found no truth in that rumor at all. I’m actually hearing Palmer wanted to go to Arizona from the start and he does want to play. The report I’m hearing is Palmer actually wanted to go to the KC Chiefs but once KC got Alex Smith that put a dent in his plans. Palmer could actually land anywhere really but I feel that the deal will be done to send Palmer to Arizona.

Yahoo just posted my story.
Carson to Arizona deal is getting finalized now. Will be announced as soon as everything is done. I would say in a hour or so


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