REPORT: Mark Davis pushing McKenzie to get better

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Raiders News


Raiders have just signed Tracy Porter today and they also pulled the trigger on Matt Flynn. Raiders just got better on both sides of the ball and sources tell me this is not going to end here. Reggie McKenzie is actively putting together more names as I type this. My source tells me Mark Davis is the reason is pushing McKenzie to get better now. Davis wants to win, Davis wants to sell tickets so he told Reggie to start making some moves. It’s no secret Mark Davis was not happy about last year and Mark Davis does not want to hear the word Re building. Davis thinks you can re build and still be competitive and he is right. Word is Mark Davis had a talk with McKenzie just last week about acquiring more players. I’m being told now that Matt Flynn may of seemed like a Reggie McKenzie move because of the GB ties but it was all Mark Davis. McKenzie was set on Pryor and maybe another veteran guy competing for the job if Palmer could not work out. McKenzie was even high on Geno Smith coming in but sources tell me Mark Davis told Reggie he wanted Flynn and he got him


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