Hi everyone remember me?

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Raiders News

It’s been a very long time since I been on here or any social media. Update on my life is simple. I been working behind the scenes with 2 guys that are insiders in the NFL business and continue to do that. Looking back I have not been doing this in 4 years or close to that! Some guys have branched out in what we do but for me personally although I don’t report or even cover a team anymore I’m pretty comfortable. I did notice there were a bunch of “Raider News Flash” fake twitter accounts made, some were even created when I was on twitter which does suck since you need to constantly tell people “It’s not me” but good news is I actually got RaiderNewsFlash back. I won’t be tweeting but when I shut it down for the move someone else grabbed it and I ended up taking it back but never tweeted.


I now live in LA and I’m pretty much the west coast guy for the people I work for.  I just want to end this by thanking all Raiders fans that then followed me on various social media platforms and read my stuff. Looking back at it now actually pains me since the writing was so bad!  So that’s it, I just wanted to give you an update on my life and I hope all of you are doing well. I still monitor The Raiders obviously and I think perhaps the team might actually be legit contenders in 2016!

So that’s it from me.  Thanks everyone

“Raiders News Flash”



  1. David Benning says:

    I’m so sorry! That should read: wise beyond their years (lol, I don’t want to get into the Freudian dynamics of that metaphor mix-up), and “tumultuous” in the first sentence

    good luck!

  2. David Benning says:

    good luck man, your life sounds exciting! And hey, I liked your articles, it was a umultuous time (still), before Mack and Carr and JDR arrived on-scene. This team has a chance to be special, and the reason I like their chances is that for all the talent they have (which is extremely complimentary talent), the younger foundation (led by Mack and Carr) is a wise-behind-their-ears group, low-maintenance, and as a core: eager, pliable, and as hard working as I have ever seen. 2016 will be their coming out party, I think.

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