This is the most important game of “The new era in Raiders Football”.   Sunday’s game in Cincinnati can very well determine if Dennis Allen is the head coach of The Raiders next year, it might even determine if he is the coach of  Oakland next week. Who knows what Mark Davis is going to do if The Raiders get embarrassed again like they did for the past couple of weeks. Mark Davis spoke to the media after the blow out of epic proportions last Sunday against the Saints and he does not like the “new era in Raiders football” Here is what he  said about the current coaching situation:

“You have players and you coach ’em and you play. You got to be Raiders.”  Mark Davis went on to say “I’m embarrassed,” “I’m pissed off. I’m not happy.” He did say The Dennis Allen had a contract when some really talented reporter asked him if he would fire the 3-7 head coach of the Raiders but we all know how much a contract means in the NFL. Now onto Sunday, Why is this the biggest game of the year for Allen and his coaching staff? They will be going head to head with the man who brought the Raiders 1 play away from winning the AFC West last year with basically the same players Allen has this year. Same players totally different results so far. Hue Jackson was the head coach of The Raiders now he is the OC of the Bengals. He has done wonders to the Bengals this year making them a very good team even blowing out the Superbowl champs NY Giants 2 weeks ago.  This is a game where Hue Jackson could stick his middle finger up right at Reggie McKenzie all while saying I told you so to Mark Davis. How will Mark Davis respond if  Hue Jackson blows up the Raiders? What if Hue Jackson Offense puts up 55 on The Raiders?  I think we all know that would be devastating for Mark Davis. Who knows what Davis would do if that happens he could even fire Reggie McKenzie even know most think McKenzie has another year no matter what happens this year. The fact remains that this year has been one of the worst years of Raiders football ever, This new regime has been awful. Mark Davis himself even said this team is regression not progression. Raiders have been bad but if they can somehow someway turn this thing around they can still get a wild card spot in the playoffs by running the table and getting a little bit of help. Every game is now a playoff game for The Silver and Black and the road starts Sunday against The Bengals….JUST WIN BABY!







OAKLAND (3-7) At CINCINNATI (5-5)    Sunday, 1 p.m., CBS.

OPENING LINE — Bengals by 7½

RECORD VS. SPREAD — Oakland 3-7; Cincinnati 4-5-1

SERIES RECORD — Raiders lead 20-8

AP PRO32 RANKING — Raiders No. 30; Bengals No. 17

LAST MEETING — Raiders beat Bengals 20-17, Nov. 22, 2009

LAST WEEK — Raiders lost to Saints 38-17; Bengals beat Chiefs 28-6


Raiders 18-8 against Cincinnati in regular season and 2-0 in playoffs. … Raiders have lost three straight, their longest streak of season. … Carson Palmer, Cincinnati’s first overall pick in 2003, still holds Bengals marks for career completion percentage (62.9) and passer rating (86.9). He also holds single-season records for attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns and passer rating. His six TD passes are a single-game record. … It’ll be Palmer’s first time facing Bengals since they traded him to Oakland last year for first-round and second-round pick. Palmer will be third former Bengals quarterback to play at Paul Brown Stadium for another team, joining Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jeff Blake. … Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson was Raiders coach last season when they traded for Palmer. … Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey needs 95 yards receiving to reach 2,000 career. … TE Brandon Myers has career highs in catches (50), yards receiving (554) and TDs (3). … Oakland’s defense has given up 93 points in last two games and 322 overall, most in NFL. … Bengals WR A.J. Green has caught TD pass in nine straight games, one shy of Carl Pickens’ club record over 1994-95 seasons. He’s first to have TD in nine straight games during one season since Jerry Rice set NFL record with 12 straight TD games in 1987. … Bengals have scored in their last nine possessions inside 20-yard line, with seven TDs and field goal.


The Raiders will be without running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson and defensive tackle Richard Seymour for the third straight game. All three missed practice Friday before being declared out for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals game by coach Dennis Allen.

“They made progress this week,” Allen said, “but they’re not ready to go yet.”

That means regular fullback Marcel Reece will start at running back for the third straight game, with second-year player Taiwan Jones and rookie Jeremy Stewart the backups once again.

Reece is fresh from a game in which he amassed 193 yards rushing and receiving. He said he’s just trying to hold down the fort until the other backs return.

“We have so many play makers on this team that no one’s that guy,” Reece said. “Darren McFadden’s the bell cow for this team and will be the bell cow for this team. Right now we’re kind of playing running back by committee. When it really comes down to it, you’re just trying to make plays the way you’re supposed to make plays.”

Desmond Bryant will start in place of Seymour.

Coach Allen spoke about the lack of sacks for Raiders defense.   “We’ve got to do a better job of winning our one-on-ones, whether that be in coverage or whether that be in the rush,” Allen said. “Those things work together. It really comes down to individual battles, and we’ve got to win more individual battles.”

Defensive lineman Dave Tollefson said the sacks will come as long as he and his defensive mates keep working hard and play within the context of the scheme.

“I played on (New York Giants) teams that got a load of sacks, and it was a group effort,” Tollefson said. “You got to keep pounding that rock. You got to just keep working, keep working and that wall will break down.”

Raiders goal is to feature a balanced offensive attack. Injuries and situations in games oftentimes dictate otherwise. Given that, the Raiders are the most lopsided offense through 10 games, with 66.1 percent of their plays being passes. By comparison, the Texans and 49ers are the most-balanced teams in the league, right about 50 percent pass and 50 percent pass.  Coach Allen said  ”It was extremely important” for the Raiders to have a balanced offensive attack.   “When you throw the football that many times, eventually bad things happen,” Allen said. “We have to have balance, we have to be able to run the football, we have to make teams play us honestly.”

Bengals fans hoping to get a look at Carson Palmer, the quarterback that guided their team from 2004-10, won’t be able to do so if they live in the Cincinnati area. The game is blacked out locally.

Strong safety Tyvon Branch (neck) said he’s “ready to roll” after missing last Sunday’s game. He started 57 straight games before sitting out against the Saints.

Bengals WR Andrew Hawkings is doubtful so is TE Richard Quinn. Bengals are very healthy healthiest they been all season.


It’s a must win for both teams, It’s also 2 totally different teams coming into this game. 1 team is red hot and so is The Qb’s hair and the other is a disaster can you guess which are which?  It’s easy to pick The Bengals in this game after all just look what The Raiders have dome lately. Raiders only beat 1 decent team this year The Steelers but that game had replacement refs. The other wins came out of a Over time game against The 1-9 Jags the other to the Chiefs. But I’m not going to take the easy way out of this one. Bengals will be over confident and The Raiders players will want this game more than anything. They will want to beat Hue Jackson and they will in a close game

Bengals 30

Raiders 33


Disaster in Oakland

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Raiders News

There are no other words to describe what all transpired on Sunday for the Oakland Raiders. First they play a home game with a great crowed only to get embarrassed once again this time against the Saints then we get this awkward moment when Mark Davis owner of the Raiders talks to the media. Let’s start with the game shall we?

Well can you even call this game? It was more like the Saints just practicing at least that’s what it looked like. Drew Brees threw it all over the field against the worst defense maybe ever in pro football. Nothing went right for the Raiders Sunday.  Raiders got out played in all 3 phases of the game. This is the 2nd week straight Raiders get blown out but this time it was at home, you could make the case this was actually the 3rd time since The Tampa Bay Bucs put a whipping on the Raiders too. Sundays game was over at half time and just got worst and worst as the game went on.

There was a few Raider legends on hand to watch the massacre including John Madden and that Coach that slipped away that ever Raiders fan loves Jon Gruden. I guess Mark Davis did not like getting embarrassed in front of his pals because after the game he had a little chat with GM Reggie McKenzie and head Coach Dennis Allen. Now nobody really knows what was said in the coaches office but obviously Mark Davis was not happy. Davis was seen leaving that meeting very upset. After the meeting Mark Davis ran into some reporters which he then decided to speak. RNF broke the story that Mark Davis was going to be at the game watching it with Reggie McKenzie so I’m sure Davis knew that we reported it and it got back to him so he had no choice to address this disaster we love call The Raiders.

Here is what Mark Davis said:

Q: How do you beat Pittsburgh, play Atlanta tough and then have this happen?

A: “The word regression.”

Q: Is this are building season?

A: “Not as much. I don’t know what the word would be. I know that we didn’t have the talent, at the beginning of the year, to be a Super Bowl team. I thought that we had definitely potential to get maybe in the playoffs and beat our division. Obviously, that hasn’t happened.”

Q: What’s your mood like?

A: “I’m not happy. But nobody in this room is.”

Q: Do you still feel as if your team can turn it around this season?

A: “Take it game by game, but I don’t know. I know they’re going to fight.”

Q: What do you say to the players?

A: “I didn’t say anything to ’em. Let the coaches talk to ’em. I talked to Reggie (McKenzie, general manager).”

Q: What were the goals heading into the season?

A: “Finding a direction for the franchise, moving forward and seeing progress week to week would have been a happier time right now. But that’s still possible.”

Q: What kind of a challenge did you face with a first-time owner, rookie head coach, rookie general manager, salary cap issues, lack of draft picks, etc.?

A: “It’s absolutely a challenge.”

Q: Has the challenge been more daunting than you expected?

A: “No, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that. Again, it’s just the results of the game. You win or lose. We haven’t been winning, and it hasn’t been close thelast three weeks.”

Q: Did you see depth as being an issue going into the season? Salary cap issues hamstring your team?

A: “As I said, coming in I didn’t know that we had a Super Bowl team and everything, but you can’t blame it on the salary cap and all that. You have players and you coach ’em and you play. You got to be Raiders.”

Q: Is it time to give other quarterbacks a shot other than Carson Palmer?

A: “That’s up to the coaches. That’s not my decision. I have opinions but I’m not going to speak’em.”

Q: Why not?

A: “Because that’s not my place. I have plenty of confidence in Carson Palmer.”

Q: The players say that they aren’t giving up on the season? Your thoughts?

A: “Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m just saying right now I’m a little disappointed with the regression. But, like I say, they’ll fight.”

Q: How frustrated are you?

A: “I couldn’t put it on a 1 to 10 (scale). I’m not happy, I’ll put it that way. But why should I be? Why should we be? Why should anyone in this room be? But they’ll fight and fix it.”

Q: Do you talk to coach Dennis Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie much during the week?

A: “I talk to Reggie quite a bit, yeah.”

Q: About business?

A: “Everything.”

Q: Do Reggie and Dennis get a pass this year?

A: “Like I say, I’m patient. I’m patient. But I want to see progress. I don’t want to see regression. Nobody does. And that’s why I’m unhappy today. But as far as a pass, I wouldn’t call it a pass. They’ve got contracts; they’re going to be here.”

Q: Did you say you just had surgery?

A: “Yeah, I had back surgery.”

Q: What did they do for your back?

A: “It’s been a two-year process. I had a sciatic nerve problem, a pain in my ass. And I had surgery five months ago, and it didn’t fix it. And, then, so they took pictures again, they found a big cyst-tumor right on the sciatic nerve.”

Q: Why didn’t they find it the first time?

A: “So I’m feeling a lot better.”

Q: So it’s all healed?

A: “Well, not totally. January 1 I can start working out. The triplets go away then. I deliver. But again, it’s a sad day today. The last three weeks have been sad, but we’re going to fight. That’s what it is. And we’ll see what happens.”

Q: Are you involved in choosing people to light the torch?

A: “Yes, I am.”

Q: Couple people who your dad had issues with, eh?

A: “Maybe some people thought they were unresolved feelings, but (they are) very close to my mom and myself. And part of the Raider family. And once a Raider, always a Raider. I’ve had trouble with my dad at times. Once or twice. But it’s fantastic. These people are all part of our family, and love ’em. It’s a good thing.”

Q: Who’s next?

A: “Who you think should be? I’m definitely open to suggestions.”

Q: Encouraged by fact that fans are still here?

A: “Love it. Absolutely love it, but I apologize to them as well. I’m embarrassed for ’em. Because they live and die as Raiders fans, and I feel for ’em, I really do. And we’re going to get it right. If it’s for anybody, it’s for them.”

Q: You heard the boos?

A: “I didn’t hear the boos, no. But I can just feel how they feel, because I feel the same way. I’m a fan. And I take responsibility for it, going to get it right.”


Now what can you take from all this, first the whole they have a contract thing. That means nothing anybody can get fired. My take is that Mark Davis is quite frankly pissed. I think If the Raiders lose out then Dennis Allen will be fired. I have a bad feeling Reggie McKenzie will stay at least another year and if he fails again he will be out. I think there is a ton depending on the Bengals game. Why? HUE JACKSON. If Hue Jackson blows out the Raiders like what had happened recently that would be like rubbing salt in the wounds for Mark Davis. Remember Mark Davis let Hue Jackson take control of the Raiders. It was Reggie McKenzie that fired Hue Jackson not Mark Davis. Davis loved Hue Jackson. Listen I’m not a mind reader so I don;t know what Mark Davis is really thinking but I do know that and I believe McKenzie knows that the Bengals game mine as well be a Superbowl because it is the game that determines Dennis Allens fate as maybe Reggie McKenzies

Saints vs Raiders: Tale of the Tape

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Raiders News

The Sky has fallen, The end is near. The Raiders season has come to a end barring some kind of miracle where the Raiders win out. That does not seem likely though since they have The Saints coming to town. We seen what Joey Flacco can do to the Raiders and now Drew Brees is coming…..This is not good

I think it’s fair to say that the “new era” has failed, When Reggie McKenzie said he had a new vision for the Raiders I did not think that vision was Raiders defense allowing 55 points. The embarrassment that was last Sunday shows that this team simply can not compete with good teams in the NFL.. I almost thought to myself what’s the point of doing a preview of this game since we all know what we are going to see but it’s the NFL and anything could happen.  So let’s get right into this

First let’s ge into the banged up Raiders, They are really hurting and have several major holes. Darren McFadden is out with that Ankle injury and is still in a boot and so is Mike Goodson so it look’s like it’s going to be Marcel Reese and maybe a little bit of Taiwan Jones if the coaching staff trust him not to fumble which Head Coach Dennis Allen stated he does not trust him but I expect him to get more carries this Sunday. The secondary is also banged up.  Free safety Matt Giordano missed practice with a concussion and strong safety Tyvon Branch is out with a neck injury.  For substitutions, the Raiders could move cornerback Michael Huff back to free safety, and put Joselio Hanson, Brandian Ross, Coye Francies or Phillip Adams into the starting lineup opposite Ron Bartell.  Branch, who has never missed a game in his Raiders career could be replaced by Mike Mitchell who is primarily a strong safety. Cornerback Shawntae Spencer, who has a foot injury, won’t play again this season as he was placed on injured reserve on Saturday.  Also placed on injured reserve is linebacker Travis Goethel who has a torn ACL.  Linebacker Omar Gaither, was signed to the 53-man roster to replace him and was on the field wearing No. 53.  Offensive tackle Khalif Barnes is back for his second week of practice.   Last week, he was limited in his participation and listed as inactive for the game at Baltimore. This week, he is listed as a full participant on Wednesday and took all the snaps from right tackle.  His replacement Willie Smith has been more or less a disaster.   He has failed to provide pass protection for Carson Palmer who has been sacked, hurried, and hit multiple times in each game.  Tight end Brandon Myers who suffered a concussion on Sunday was limited in practice.  Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was also limited, he tweaked his hamstring during practice. This game already looked like a disaster for Oakland when they are all healthy all this just makes it seem like it’s impossible. The Saints have better news as far as injuries go.  Darren Sproles is not back at practice and will play against the Raiders.

Let’s take a look at the Numbers:


303.9 (2nd)Pass Off. 

88.4 (28th)Rush Off.

307.3 (31st)Pass Def.

162.0 (30th)Rush Def.


Pass Off.288.9 (5th)

Rush Off.76.7 (31st)

Pass Def.255.9 (24th)

Rush Def.119.0 (20th)

OPENING LINE — Saints by 6 1/2

RECORD VS. SPREAD — New Orleans 5-4; Oakland 3-6

SERIES RECORD — Tied 5-5-1

AP PRO32 RANKING — Saints No. 13; Raiders No. 30

LAST MEETING — Saints beat Raiders 34-3, Oct. 12, 2008

LAST WEEK — Saints beat Falcons 31-27; Raiders lost at Ravens 55-20

News and Notes:

Saints (66.9 percent) and Raiders (66.6 percent) pass ball more than any other teams in NFL. … New Orleans QB Drew Brees won last six starts vs. Raiders, completing 70.4 percent of passes for 1,248 yards, 13 TDs and 0 INTs for 120.7 rating. … Brees holds NFL records with TD passes in 52 straight games and 20 or more completions in 45 straight. … New Orleans allowed at least 400 yards of offense in all nine games. … Saints have scored TDs on NFL-best 71 percent of their red zone drives this season. … Saints RB Chris Ivory had 56-yard run last week, longest for New Orleans since 2006. … Saints TE Jimmy Graham caught seven passes for 146 yards and two TDs vs. Atlanta. … Oakland allowed 97 points past two weeks, most for franchise since 1961. … Raiders QB Carson Palmer threw for personal-best 782 yards past two games and looking to string together three straight 300-yard games for first time. … Oakland TE Brandon Myers second in NFL with 23 catches in fourth quarter. … Raiders FB Marcel Reece has 15 receptions past two weeks. … Oakland scored in last 2 minutes of first half in all nine games


Well what can I really say?  Will I be rooting for the Raiders? OF COURSE!  But I also got to be honest with the RNF NATION. Raiders will get destroyed Sunday. I think this might be the biggest blow out in Sports history. I hope I’m wrong I really really do.

Raiders 17

Saints 72

Last week a rookie RB ran all over the Raiders for 265 yards. This week Raiders needed a win to stay in any kind of playoff race so how did they do? What if I told you that the Raiders got beat so bad that even a kicker scored a touch down off them? You would say I’m crazy and I should be sent to the closest mental ward right? Well guess what! A Kicker really did score a Touch down off the Raiders!  The Ravens traveled down to Baltimore to play a 1pm est game Sunday and if you are a Raiders fan then you know how that always goes for the Silver and Black but nobody would of ever thought it went as bad as it did. It was like playing Tecmo Bowl against a 3 year old and you are the 85 Bears with Walter Payton and the 3 year old chose the Seahawks. It was ugly. Yeah you have Steve Largent but what is Largent going to do against that 85 Bears defense. That’s how Sunday went for the Raiders against the Ravens. Joe Flacco Ravens QB was throwing it all over the field as the Ravens put up 55 points. Raiders looked like a VHS football greatest follies Sunday,Hell Carson Palmer could not even take a snap without giving the ball back to the Ravens for a free TD. Fumbles,No coverage,Penalty’s,bad coaching and bad players all came together Sunday and  showed that this “New Era” Oakland Raiders  could be the worst NFL team ever to take the field. Hey but don;t worry Raiders fans at least Reggie McKenzie is going to “get his picks” at the draft or maybe he will just ignore it like he did with every player out there in free agency that could of helped this team win.

Just before the start of the regular season Darren McFadden told the media he was sick and tired of everyone saying he was injury prone and all his injuries were flukes…Well It’s week 10 and guess who is injured?

Darren McFadden has been excellent when he has been healthy besides this year as he has become one of the worst RBs in the NFL. You can blame it on Gregg Knapp like I do but will Reggie McKenzie? McFadden has been in a boot all week, shades of last year when he was in a boot  and the year before. Last year every game after he got hurt  Raiders would say “Darren’s getting closer to playing”  well he never did end up playing. Will this happen again? If so will Reggie McKenzie decide that DMC is not worth the hassle and move on,maybe get a draft pick out of it something that McKenzie loves. He even said as much in his introduction press conference “I love my picks” If you do trade McFadden who are you going to replace him with? McFadden showed he is capable pf being the best back in the NFL. Hue Jackson Raiders former head coach knew how to use DMC as he was explosive before his injury last year. This year though DMC is lucky to pick up 2 yards.  Time will tell what Reggie McKenzie does with McFadden but I say if DMC is still in that boot on week 16 then we have seen the last of #20 as a Raider. After all Darren McFadden is a product of Al Davis’s Raiders that’s something Reggie McKenzie wants out of.

Raiders get embarassed at home

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Raiders News

In a game when the Raiders had the lead at Half time they managed to be the laughing stock of the NFL once again. Rookie RB, yes let me say that again ROOKIE RB Doug Martin ran all over the Raiders for 265 yards. Raiders had no answer for the rookie. It got so bad at one point with 11 min in the game Raiders onside kicked the ball when they were only down by 10 points just because Dennis Allen knew that as soon as Doug Martin got the ball it was 6 points. It was looking like a complete blow out until the Raiders got a lucky break, a fumble by Tampa bays RB Blount gave the Raiders the ball and they Raiders found themselves only down 3 points. It could of been the greatest come back of the year for any NFL team but Carson Palmer had other plans. Instead of putting himself in the elite league of NFL clutch QB’s like Brady or Manning he put himself in the league of guys like Jeff George. Palmer threw a INT and the game was over. Not before Doug Martin rubbed some salt in the wounds of the Raider Nation first though as once again breezed by Tommy Kelly and the rest of the Raiders defense and put up another Touch down. It was a game that was maybe the season for the Raiders if not the season it was the end of the Raiders hopes of winning the AFC West since once again a elite Peynton Manning took his team to another win today and distanced themselves from the rest of the AFC WEST teams. Raiders have a very tough game next week as the travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens in a 1pm est show down with a team Raiders have not beat in a very long time in fact the Raiders only beat the Ravens once in all the times they have played each other..



Posted: November 2, 2012 in Raiders News

The Raiders season is once again on the line Sunday as the Buccaneers come to the O.CO. The Raiders chances of winning the AFC West do not look good since the Denver Manning A.K.A BRONCOS seem like a well oiled machine right now that can’t be stopped. The Raiders should not give up just yet though, the WEST race maybe un realistic to win but they could still get a Wild Card spot at a 10-6 record in the AFC. The Bucs are coming off a bye, this is the third straight team Raiders are facing coming off a bye, The NFL hates the Raiders so they thought maybe by putting bad teams who were coming off byes that would give a better chance of the Raiders to lose but that did not work out in the NFL’s favor as the Raiders won the last 2 straight games. Bucs though are not a bad team by any means, In fact they are the most under rated team int he NFL right now. Bucs are the most most hard hitting team and the fastest which could be deadly for the Silver and black. Just 2 weeks ago people were talking about the Vikings being the most under rated that was until Tampa Bay went into Minnesota and completely  destroyed the Vikings


Raiders won last two meetings between teams since losing Super Bowl following 2002 season. Only three players remain from that Super Bowl: Tampa Bay S Ronde Barber and Oakland K Sebastian Janikowski and P Shane Lechler. … Oakland facing third straight opponent with extra rest. Raiders beat Jacksonville and Kansas City off byes. Tampa Bay coming off Thursday game. … Tampa Bay seeking franchise-record fourth straight game with at least 28 points. … Bucs QB Josh Freeman nine TD passes and one INT last three games. … Tampa Bay WR Vincent Jackson has TD catch in four of last five games vs. Raiders. … Bucs allowing 3.5 ypc, third best in NFL. … Oakland QB Carson Palmer thrown for at least 200 yards in franchise-record 13 straight games. … Raiders scored in last 2 minutes of first half in all seven games. They have 33 points in final 2 minutes and 35 in first 28. … Raiders WR Denarius Moore has TD catch in three straight games. Last Oakland player with four straight Tim Brown in 2001. … Raiders scored TDs on 34.8 percent of trips to red zone, second worst in NFL. … Oakland RB Darren McFadden coming off season-high 114 yards rushing vs. Chiefs


AP PRO32 RANKING — Buccaneers No. 19; Raiders No. 25

LAST MEETING — Raiders beat Bucs 31-24, Dec. 28, 2008

LAST WEEK — Bucs beat Vikings 36-17; Raiders beat Chiefs 26-16






Raiders got to play 2 of the worst teams in the NFL back to back weeks. That luck will sadly end for Raider Nation.  If the Raiders blew out the Jags and Chiefs I would  have more confidence but they got by the Jags by luck and they got by KC because the Chiefs made dumb mistakes. Bucs are a average NFL team Raiders are below average and it will show Sunday.

Raiders   13

Bucs         34